IRS Annual Shutdown

Urgent: IRS Annual Shutdown is set to begin 12/25. 

What does IRS Annual Shutdown mean? During this time IRS will not accept your online 2290 submissions.

IRS is preparing for the new year, implementing updates to their programming, and fixing problems. All this has to be done, then tested, and only after they KNOW it’s working do they turn the computers back on for electronic filings.

Only available IRS offices can process paper 2290s during the shutdown. We expect IRS to reopen the second week of January

Need your 2290? File now before e-File systems shutdown! 

Tell Your Congressman We’ve Had Enough!

Why should the IRS annual computer updates affect 2290 submissions? We’ve repeatedly asked IRS to resolve the issue, and now we need your help.

Please copy, complete and mail this letter to your congressman so we can affect real change.

Don’t know your Congressman? Click here.

Until the issue is resolved, we will do our best to let you know in advance about any IRS closures so that you can better prepare for it. Get your 2290s submitted soon!

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Written by Yesenia Carrillo

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