Truckers: First Class Forever

This happened!  A friend of painted a picture for us when we moved into our new offices on Route66.   How he came up with the idea is a whole other story, but it got me to thinking…why haven’t I ever seen a real stamp like that?  I’d buy that stamp in bulk and use it for all our mail – if such a stamp existed!  The message is right on – Truckers are “First Class Forever” in our eyes.

I started researching and learned a lot!!!  Out of all the postage stamps ever created by the US Postal Service only 2 had trucks on them – ONLY TWO!!!   What a shame!  There are stamps issued to commemorate all kinds of subjects important to American life including (but not limited to) people, places, events, industries, art, animals, flowers, special occasions, sports, architecture, legends and Looney Tunes.  Why not Truckers?!?

The trucking industry has been critical to our American life!  It makes sure everything we need is available wherever we need it!  Just look around the grocery store the next time you shop.  Everything in the store was delivered in a truck.  The gas we pump into our cars was delivered to the gas station in a truck.  The cars we buy from the local dealership were delivered to the showroom floor in a truck.  The lumber used to build auto dealerships, stores, homes and apartments was delivered in a truck.  The list is endless.  How would all those industries prosper if trucks weren’t woven into the fabric of our daily lives?  Stamps have been issued to commemorate Aviation, Bicycling and Presidents. Why not Trucking?!!?

The trucks themselves are amazing.  They get bigger, more powerful and more functional with each passing year.  Picture in your mind how different a Ford Model T Flatbed is from today’s big rigs rolling down our highways. Then think of all the changes that evolved over the past 100 years which make it possible for trucks to carry such a wide variety of goods in need of transport.   Oil and milk go in tankers; giant logs go on flatbeds; cows and horses go in open air vans; ice cream has to be kept frozen; windmills go on over-sized vehicles.  Even airplanes and space shuttles are transported to their final destination on a vehicles made by the trucking industry.  Stamps have been issued to commemorate Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Sports Cars and Motorcycles. Why not Big Rigs?

So this summer, we decided to do something about it. We sent a proposal to the USPS to make a stamp honoring trucking and truckers. See it here. And they Replied – see that here!!

While every truck owner is paying their Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Taxes lets get the word out that truckers and the trucking industry have waited too long to be acknowledged by our country.  Tweet us @2290s with #ThankYouTruckers – then Retweet to @USPSLike us on Facebook and tell all your Facebook friends to get in on the action.  Help us drum up all the support we can in every way we can as a way of saying “Thank You!” to everyone past, present and future who drive trucks and make the trucking industry so important to our daily lives.

Written by Nancy Jenkins