Partial Government Shutdown and Your Vehicle Registration

Government Shutdown

For the first time in 2290 e-Filing history, the IRS e-File shutdown and the partial government shutdown has left 2290 tax payers with no options to submit the HVUT.

IRS e-File systems officially shut down 12/26, meaning that no online 2290s submissions have since been processed by IRS, as they do every year. IRS usually reopens e-File systems the second week of January, however the exact date has yet to be announced.

For our customers who need their filing completed before the IRS reopens, we suggest they file in person at their local IRS office. However, the partial government shutdown has made that impossible. No one can make appointments at this time to file a 2290 in person.

Two unrelated government shutdowns are presenting a great hardship to truckers who are looking to register their vehicles.

What to do?

In talking to our customers we’ve gotten word that some states are issuing registrations if the following conditions are present:

  • Photocopy of the Form 2290, Schedule 1, and canceled check


  • State request registrant to submit the stamped Schedule 1 once the IRS systems reopen

We can not confirm these statements are 100% factual. We are sharing this information in hopes that it can help someone.

Call your state agency office to confirm these statements in hopes that your state registration can be granted sooner rather than later. And ask to speak with a supervisor if you’re met with a block wall. These are unusual times, and unusual times call for unusual measures.

We will post updates as they arise. Comment below with your questions.

Written by Yesenia Carrillo

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