We've built our business on quality service and serving the needs of truckers like you.

About Us

Our family has been serving the trucking industry since 1934. (As you can imagine, 2034 is going to be quite the celebration around here).

We've seen the independence and resilience of the American trucker demonstrated time after time, and understand that the last thing most truckers want to deal with is bureaucracy and the IRS. With this in mind, we make 2290 filing as easy as possible, providing you with the tools, education, resources, and phone support from real people with real experience in the industry.

We're an American Family Business, and it shows.

Our call center is all American, because we firmly believe American companies should strive to keep jobs within the USA, and not outsource vital customer support, just to save a few dollars.

We won't redirect your call to an off-shore center staffed by folks who know nothing about the trucking industry's tax requirements. You'll get real help when you need it.

2290 filing is supposed to make your life easier, not more complicated!

We'll save you time, paper, and needless frustration. Get out of those IRS lines and back onto the road! You've got better things to do - like keeping American industry moving.

And remember - you're not alone - our family is here to help yours. We've been around for four generations, and we're here to stay. Call us today to discover how easy filing your 2290 can be with the right service and friendly, expert support.

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