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What is a 2290 and when is it due?

A form 2290 is a Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HHVUT). It is paid annually on IRS Form 2290 for every truck that drives on public highways and weighs over 55,000 lbs. The Stamped Schedule 1 is your receipt for this tax and will be provided to you through this website. A physical copy is required to register your vehicles each year.

We will keep a copy of the Schedule 1 for the current year available on your account so you can always have access to it.

The 2290 is due every July, and is late if not filed by August 31st. Both the tax return and the tax must be paid by the deadline in order not to be considered delinquent and owe extra fines and penalties. This tax must also be paid anytime a new vehicle is added to your fleet for the remainder of that year. In this case the tax is due by the end of the month following the date the vehicle is first used on the public highways.
We recommend that you e-file a minimum of three business days prior to the filing deadline in order to meet the filing deadline and avoid late fees and penalties.

Who is 2290tax.com?

The creator of 2290tax.com and the 2290Calculator© is A-Log, Inc. A-Log, Inc. provides professional tax and technology services to our clients, including Fuel Tax Reporting, Income Tax, 2290’s, other miscellaneous weight distance tax returns and various permit processing for Interstate truckers. Our experienced & competent staff enjoy what they do, and have had years of experience doing it. Visit www.a-log.com for more information on available services, rates and technology tools.

A-Log prides itself on helping truckers make the best use of technology…whether GPS, automated Fuel data, routing software, or stand-alone software packages, we know how to put technology to work for our clients.

How does this service save me money?

There are two ways the 2290Calculator© can save you money. You just have to ask yourself these questions:

Have you been registering your vehicles at the maximum weight just to play it safe? Then you are paying too much tax! Check your scale receipts to verify the highest loaded weight in a year. Then dowload the 2290Calculator© and see how reporting the actual loaded weight reduces what you pay in taxes. Compare your vehicles to their scale receipts to see what they actually weigh when loaded - and watch your tax drop dramatically. Spend your time doing a little targeted research instead of sitting online paging from screen to screen to input your data.
Have you been registering back up vehicles just to play it safe? Then you are paying too much tax! This tax is not owed on vehicles that travel less than 5,000 (7,500 if agricultural vehicle) miles on public highways in one year. You may suspend these extra trucks until they exceed the mileage limit. The 2290Calculator© allows you to play "what-if" and watch your tax drop dramatically. If a truck does go over the allowable mileage you have until the end of the following month to file an amended 2290 and pay a prorated tax for the rest of the year. E-filing has removed the hassle and the inconvenience that has prevented you from taking advantage of opportunities like these that save you money.

How does this service save me time?

E-filing is fast, accurate, safe and paperless. No more driving to the IRS and waiting in long lines only to find you forgot something and have to do it all over again tomorrow. This year, using our 2290Calculator© is as easy as cutting and pasting your fleet information from wherever you store it on your computer into your 2290Calculator©. Next year you can reuse it. Save it to your computer and make the necessary changes to your fleet next year before you submit it again.

Other services require direct input of your data through tons of web pages and you won’t know your tax bill until it is time to pay! This takes time and if you are interrupted you may lose your web connection. Fill out the 2290Calculator© on your own time and get it exactly the way you want while watching the 2290Calculator© tabulate each change you make. (That’s why we call it a calculator! It calculates your tax as you enter your fleet information, one truck at a time!) When everything is perfect you will have one bulk upload file ready to go. Login, browse for the file, click to submit. Done! Spend your time figuring out how to save money, not jumping through website hoops.

What is a 2290Calculator© and what is all the fuss about?

The 2290Calculator© is an Excel Spreadsheet especially designed to work easily and simply for you.

Why do we call it a Calculator?

Because it calculates the 2290 tax as you add and describe each truck! Now, for the first time ever, you can see tax liability change before your eyes!

All you have to do is put in your company information, your vehicle VIN#’s and Weights. Play the "what-if" game with the 2290Calculator© to be sure you aren’t paying to much in tax.** We have found that many companies play it safe with their taxes preferring to pay extra now, rather than having to deal with it again later. The beauty of e-filing is it that takes all the hassle and stress out of filing your Form 2290 - making amendments is now easy and can be done from your desk-top computer. So suspend that truck that never gets used, lower the weight on that vehicle that never weighs more than 65,000lbs. See how much money you can save, and start saving this year!

How do I use a 2290Calculator©?

2290Calculator© Instructions

Why do I need a 2290Calculator©?

The 2290Calculator© is the workhorse of our service. We give you an empty form, you complete it with your information. Once it is finished it is a "Bulk Upload File" ready to be submitted with a click of your mouse. We believe that using the 2290 Calculator is easier and faster than the services offered by any other authorized e-file provider for several reasons:

  1. You do not need to be connected to the internet or our service after you download the Calculator, and upload it again when you are finished. The data entry can be done on your own time, when you have time.
  2. We have found that most truckers are familiar with Excel eliminating the need for numerous web pages describing what you need to do. We have imbedded instruction on every page to guide you and answer your questions. If you have more questions or need technical support, we are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST at 1-800-802-4299 and will be more than happy to help you.
  3. You can enter all your trucks into one spreadsheet and use that spreadsheet for One Bulk Upload! Bam!! You’re done!!
  4. You can save your 2290Calculator© and upload it again next year, changing only the information within your fleet that has changed. You do not have to reenter VIN Numbers every year; you do not have to reenter the weight of each vehicle every year. Unless something changes, your work will already be done.
  5. We are always here to help you! Call our office any time from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 1-888-802-4299 for technical support, customer service or questions.

If I don't have Excel, can I still e-file here?

Yes! You can download a free trial version of Excel and Microsoft Office from the Microsoft website. Go to http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/suites/default.aspx and in the center of the page a small yellow link that says "Download a free 60-day Trial." You will have to create an account and register and then you can download your free trial of Microsoft Office and use Excel to complete your personal 2290Calculator© and finish your submission.

Where can I get more information about Form 2290?

We recommend the use of our support center for helpful links any time you have specific questions. For information about e-filing please visit www.irs.gov/efile or www.irs.gov or call us at our office, at 1-888-802-4299.

What do I need to know about E-filing?

IRS authorized e-file logo

The most important thing to look for in an e-file provider is the *** IRS authorized e-file logo. The logo signifies that we are tax professionals accepted into the IRS e-filing system. We have a PTIN# that tells the IRS who we are and that we are helping you prepare your return. Anyone who is e-filing your taxes must be accepted into the IRS e-filing program. There are three other very important things you should know.

  1. You do not need to physically sign your tax return. You select a PIN# to use as your signature and it is documented on an IRS Form 8453EX. We provide you the form – just like we provide you your Stamped Schedule 1 – from our web site. No IRS lines, no hassles, no bologna.
  2. You can pay the taxes due in a variety of ways. We recommend using the EFTPS system – and if you already do payroll for your employees and have one set up you will appreciate being able to use it to pay your 2290 tax as well. Or you can schedule and electronic fund withdrawal from your bank account. Check out our Support Center for websites, phone numbers and more information on payment options and setting up your own EFTPS account.
  3. E-filing can also save you the time and money of sending someone to the IRS to file for you. Don’t pay extra anymore. It’s much cheaper and much less of a hassle to utilize our web site to file all your Form 2290’s.

How do I get a PTIN#?

If you do not have a PTIN# and would like to file taxes for someone else, please contact the IRS.

Absolutely! 2290tax.com was created and is operated by A-Log, Inc. and A-Log is ready to help you with all your Vehicleing Related Taxes. We have ten years of experience in this business dealing only with TRUCKERS!

How do I pay my tax?

There are two methods utilized by 2290tax.com for you to pay your taxes owed to the IRS. The first method is to set up, or use an existing EFTPS account. If you have not already done this go to www.eftps.gov to set up an account. The second method is an electronic funds withdrawal. In either case, you will choose the date your tax will be paid. Just make sure it is BEFORE the filing deadline.

What is an EFTPS?

An EFTPS or Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is one way in which the IRS can receives payment from taxpayers. Many companies already have their EFTPS account established to make payroll deposits and pay income taxes. Now it can be used to pay 2290 taxes also! To set up an EFTPS account visit www.eftps.gov.

What is the 8453EX form and why is it necessary?

Taxpayers must sign their tax returns. Tax returns that are e-filed require a "digital" signature. A five digit pin number is selected by the taxpayer to serve as his/her signature. This number is then recorded on Form 8453-Ex and a hard copy needs to be kept in your files. This form is automatically filled out when you upload your 2290Calculator© and again, requires no extra time or effort from you. If the IRS ever needs to authenticate a taxpayer, they will ask you to produce the Form 8453-EX. We will keep a copy in your account for you, but be sure to print one up for your files for your quickest and easiest access.

How can I tell if I have been paying too much tax?

2290tax.com has been preparing Form 2290 for our clients for a long time, and we have noticed a few things. We have found that most of our clients are familiar with Excel, and truck drivers err on the side of caution. That means they pay for the maximum weight, and don’t suspend vehicles that are just sitting around, just in case they need them. If that is you then you are paying to much tax. We recommend after you fill out the 2290Calculator© with your fleet information - save a backup copy and play "what-if". Play with the weights of trucks, and suspend unused vehicles and see how much your tax drops.

If you are already very careful not to pay extra tax in the form of weight and unsuspended vehicles, then e-filing or using the 2290Calculator© will still help you save time. And you will be able to calculate partial period tax when you put a new vehicle on the road or un-suspend one that just exceeded its mileage limit. Our motto, is the more information, the more control you have over your truck, your fleet, your company.